Are You Loyal unto Death or Life?

Letting go to move with God!


We are taught so much about loyalty and covenant in our walks with Christ with many view points of what that looks like. Covenant is about commitment and the boundaries of that commitment. Because of the various opinions this can make it confusing sometimes for many. There are so many that have no commitment, that go to and fro just seeking to be self-satisfied. To be fed and feel good in what they call serving the Lord.

They do not pick up their cross and follow Jesus but instead pick up their forks and go house to house looking to be content doing what they feel is right in their own hearts. If you are reading this I do not believe you are this kind of person but one who is really trying to be loyal and committed to Jesus, yet are feeling torn and not knowing why.

If you are one of these people who are not committed, the good news is you can repent and get right with God. Being Born Again does not mean that how you live is right in God’s eyes, that is what I mean by getting right with God. A believers lifestyle is one where we are always repenting, meaning we are constantly changing the way we think and act to align with what God says is right, not what we want to be right.

I want to address a virtue that I believe Satan uses to oppress many of God’s people and that is loyalty. Many are loyal and faithful servants who have made a commitment to serve where they are but yet in this season God is saying let go and go to where I will show you. Abram when called by God was not told where he was going to go, he just had to go.

Many of God’s people are being called out of the traditional wineskins of what we call ministry to be part of a greater movement, a reformation that is something so great no one has seen it before nor can define it. If you sense you are one of these people. I want to present some  keys one must ask yourself if you believe you are being called out to be able and check your heart. Ask yourself why am I leaving?

  • Am I leaving because of frustration, or that this other ministry has a more anointed teacher?
  • I do not feel fed here?
  • I do not agree with the teachings here?
  • They do not support me here?

While these are noble thoughts and can be true, they are not the reason why you leave any place. The only reason why you leave a place that God sent you is because God is telling you it is time to leave. What I have experienced, and I know many reading this can identify with, is that when God is calling you to go some where it can be hard to let go. The reason is that we do not know where we are going and we feel that to leave we must have a reason to leave.

If I am to meet with my Pastor or leader to let them know my time is up what will I tell them? What will they think of me? Am I being disobedient? Am I going against the will of God? These are the questions I went through and believe if you are not asking these questions you may not be hearing God to move. We must be willing to really examine our hearts and be honest. I have seen many people leave, some because they wanted to leave and others because God told them it was time to leave. The key in leaving is this humility and honor even if the leaders do not agree. I have seen many called to leave not leave right and it hindered them in the next place they went too.

I personally have had to go to leaders and tell them I was called to leave after the Lord told me. It was not easy and most did not think I was hearing God. I even had one man of God tell me I would be cursed because I was joining a Church pastored by a woman. I spent almost seven years being mentored by that women of God and would not be the man of God I am today if I had listened to what he had said.

There was a time when I wanted to leave that ministry because I thought it was not teaching me the deep things of God. There were other ministries teaching the word at a deeper level and flowing in the gifts of the Spirit in ways I longed for. One day I believed God told me to leave. I went to my Pastor and received permission to leave. In the process of leaving the Lord made it clear to me I was not to leave. I had to humble myself and admit to the leaders I was wrong. So I understand both sides of this process very well. And can relate to most people who go through this process. So I understand loyalty and the pull one can have in desiring to be faithful yet being called to something one cannot explain.

When I left the Lord always connected me with someone to help me in the process. And while I may not have been part of a local assembly in some of the process, I do have great relationships with leaders in whom I submit too even though I am not even in their city.

Let’s talk about loyalty a little. Remember we are to be loyal to God, family and relationships not institutions or creeds. Loyalty and commitment can be a strength and a weakness because once you make it is a vow and your soul is knit to what you speak. So we have soul ties in what we commit to and that is why we feel torn. I want to use a man of God from the Bible that will illustrate this and what happens to us when we do not let go and go with God.david-jonathan

Jonathan was the son of Saul, the heir to the throne of Israel. His legacy was to be king and to help move Israel into the next realm of glory. Because of his father’s sin against God Jonathan lost that right to stay on the throne. God then anointed David to be the next one to move Israel into a new realm of glory. Jonathan knew he had a right to the throne in mans eyes  but somehow he caught the vision of God’s heart. He and David became covenant brothers at a very deep heart to heart commitment. Many teach on this relationship on how a covenant friendship is to look like.

This amazes me that he knew he could take the throne, but knew David was called by God as the next king. He chose to let go of the a position and align with the next move of God, he even defended and protected David. He saw what God saw yet his loyalty, the strength of his commitment kept him from I believe fulfilling his god given destiny. I believe that he could have let go of serving his father, the old wineskin to serve the new move of God.

But because of his loyalty his soul was torn and though he saw the new move and validated and protected it, Jonathan could not let go of the old to embrace and serve the new. He could not let go of tradition, that which no longer had the grace of God, and join arms with what God was doing fresh. Because of misplaced loyalty Jonathan lost his life serving the old move of God.

As I said earlier many who are reading this have been called out of a system that you have committed to embrace a new move of God. A move that cannot be yet defined or explained. You feel like you are drying up on the vine. Remember that feeling like you are drying up is not an excuse to leave, but if the lord is telling you it is time to go, you must go. You must in an honorable way share your heart with the leader and tell them why you are leaving. You do not have to justify to them why you are leaving. This is not a move for you to go into a cave, a place of isolation that will take you into despair and depression. God will connect you with other like-minded believers to help encourage and build you up.

The Lord has a body of believers in the earth, a family, tribe that we all have been assigned to. There are no lone rangers in God’s army. Jesus is right now assembling an army, not a fellowship. He is calling warriors together that will see communities, cities and nations shift. And while there will be fellowship and sharing and breaking of bread. The goal is not the fellowship it is the assignment. Fellowship is just part of the process of accomplishing the will of the Father.

God blessed Adam, male and female, gave them an assignment then they started a fellowship. The purpose of intimate fellowship is always the assignment God has given the leaders, it is not a social club, it is a militant family. A family willing to war and die for God and each other. That their comfort on this earth is not the goal but seeing God’s glory displayed in the earth, and the liberty in Christ secured for the future generations.

Artistic Creativity Securing the Gates

A year to see women and children stake thier claim


Dear Friends,

We have entered the year on the biblical calendar of 5776 on the evening of September 13, 2015. In the Hebrew language numbers are connected to letters that originally were pictures. Yahweh’s original intent was for words to paint pictures in our minds so we could SEE what He was saying.

A good illustration of this is if I were to speak to you the word dog. You probably would not see the letters D-O-G, but an image of a dog that is familiar to you. If that image has good memories you feel safe, if that image had a bad experience then fear.

The year 5776 can paint for us a prophetic picture also. The last two digits 70 and 6 are composed of two Hebrew letters. The number 70 is connected to the Hebrew letter Ayin. Ayin in its pictograph form looks like an eye, it can mean to see. The number 6 is connected to the Hebrew letter Vav, which looks like a peg or tent stake in its pictograph form. Vav can mean to connect like a tent to a stake so as to secure in the ground. We can see in this pictorial image God is saying I am opening your eyes to see heaven connect to earth in a new way.

In the book of Judges we see that God uses a woman named Jael to drive a stake in her tent through the head of God’s enemy.

Judges 4:21 Then Jael Heber’s wife took a nail of the tent, and took an hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died

Jael was a Kenite, and the Kenites were known for their artistic creativity. What I believe the Lord is wanting us to see here is that he used her creativity to drive through the temple of religious worship. The man-made doctrines that have held God’s people back from worshipping him in the way that He destined them to express who God created them to be.

It is the religious structure of worshiping God that we make the building so many times the focus, and our philosophies about God and how to worship him are contained within the building. Thus creativity is oppressed and not valued and many creative people look outside Christ to express how he made them to be, all because of a carnal-religious mindset.

When see look at history we will see a time where it was called the Dark Ages, a period in the Middle Ages where creativity was suppressed and only a few elite had access. The people of God had no access to the word of God, and the temple worship was composed of state appointed priest leading the reading of God’s word in a foreign language.

We see that a man of God, Martin Luther, gets one revelation from God. THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH! The word of God is then made available to everyone and we go from the Dark Ages into what history calls Renaissance. Renaissance actually means new birth, and thus we have the age of enlightenment. We went from darkness to light, from lack of creativity to creativity changing the whole earth. God said LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Not all that was birthed in this time actually glorified God but empowered a humanistic movement that we see is still shaping many of our western education systems even today. I also want us to understand that Satan is not the creator, he is not light, but can pervert the light and bring people into bondage. God says he will pour his spirit out on all flesh, not just those who believe in him.

So when someone who hears in the spirit what God is doing without a relationship, or even a renewed mind they will build something according to their own imagination void of Christ. We then see many leaders who move in a measure of what God is saying but without him. This causes oppression and suppression of God’s original intent, I call it religion.

For many years now God has been equipping a remnant to understand that they are called to society, not just for revival but to see cultural reformation. That God’s plan is not to escape the earth but to fulfill the Lord’s prayer. THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. In this plan men are not to be over women and children and oppress them as lords of their home. But are called to hear God and set a course for their family to be free to find and express their God-given creativity according to his righteousness.

We are moving into a time in history were the Lord is pouring his anointing upon women and children like never before. The Bible talks about an Anti-Christ spirit. This is a spirit not a person though it operates in people. It is an Anti-Christ or anointing for Christ means anointed one, it is not Anti-Jesus. It is the anointing that destroys the yoke, not good religious education. God is pouring out his spirit, his anointing to see Satan’s yokes destroyed off his people. One way to tell if an Anti-Christ spirit is operating in a society is to look at the women and children, are they second class citizens and are they oppressed and slaves to the culture.

Where you see oppression of women and, or children you are seeing a demonic stronghold in operation. Oppression can have many faces, drug culture is oppression. Pornography is oppression. We can see that ungodly music that exploits and merchandises people is oppression. So the Anti-Christ spirit is more than what we see in what we call 3rd world nations. We can see the oppression of our women and children even here in the US of A.

What I believe we are getting ready to see is a mass explosion of Holy Spirit not in our buildings but in society and one of the greatest moves since renaissance is upon us in which we will see new art forms, music, movies and all kinds of unique creativity come forth from women and children. What I will call a Jael generation for illustration purposes.

This is a year we will see in history, or I like to say HIS STORY where God connected heaven on earth in a new way, that a renaissance that glorified Christ was birthed and not humanism. A year were the Hebraic mind, the mind of Christ begins to bring down the Greek mindset that has held us so captive from truly experiencing the creativity that Christ died for. It is the sons of Zion vs the sons of Greece.

Zech 9:13 For I will bend Judah as My bow, I will fill the bow with Ephraim. And I will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece; And I will make you like a warrior’s sword


Rosh Hashana 5776 – Divine Connections

God's covenant connection.


Dear Friends Shana Tova, (Happy New Year)

As we enter this new year on Yahweh’s calendar I want us to take notice of this scripture in Ezekiel

Ezekiel 40:1 In the five and twentieth year of our captivity, in the beginning of the year, in the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after that the city was smitten, in the selfsame day, the hand of the LORD was upon me, and He brought me thither.

We see that Ezekiel had an encounter with God 14 years after the city of Jerusalem was had been smitten by her enemies.. Is it by chance that 14 years after the attack on America and the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorist that we see a sign from heaven today.

On 9/11/2015 we see both a rainbow touching Tower 1 of where the restoration of what the enemy had restored is taking place. On May 29, 2015, my 50th birthday, I was blessed by God to be able to be part of the grand opening of the observatory deck of Tower 1.

That morning I was watching Glory of Zion’s, from Corinth TX, replay of their Pentecost conference from this year(2015). The man of God was from Congo Africa. His message was how God is bringing you back to the place where the enemy meant to destroy you to see your life, family, or nation restored. He began to share how the Lord will make you a portal to see this happen for your life, family or nation.

That had my faith high, we arrived at the WTC which tickets are required and are time slotted around 10:30pm EDT. I was blessed to get tickets for the last hour. My family and I then went on the tour that starts in the foundation at moves up to 100 stories to the observation deck. I am not going to share all the details now as that will be a whole article by itself, but will highlight a few points.

1). Before I went the Lord told me that the terrorist act was a sacrifice to Baal, and to use the blood of Jesus to break the curse of Baal off the land.(NOTE: I understand that many are and have been praying, that I just added my part to see God’s hand move.)

2) There is a sky portal a place that has a cutout in the floor of the WTC observatory where you are standing on a media screen in which they are streaming live the traffic below. We were symbolically standing in heaven and earth at the same time. You are 100 stories in the air connecting heaven with earth. This will be a key later in the article.

My wife and I Cris stood and prayed and declared the blood of Jesus was breaking the curse off the land and that the veil of religion was being removed from Islam and Christianity, and that the hearts of the children are returning to the Father.

3) After we had prayed I was walking around and I began to hear a melody sound like it was coming through the PA system. I knew it was not as it was just a chorus of a song over and over with the words , Hallelujah, Hallelujah, The Great I AM. I knew this was a song and looked it up on my phone. It is a song by Philips, Craig and Dean called the Great I AM.

This are two additional points I want to share in this.

a) The name I AM is the name God revealed himself as a covenant keeping God to Moses. It was in this name that Yahweh came and acted on his covenant with Abraham on behalf of the people.

b) Also this year on the Hebrew calendar, which starts at sundown Sept 13, 2015 is 5776. It is the year to see heaven connect with earth.

In Hebrew numbers are connected with the Hebrew alphabet, and the alphabet is connected to pictures. The picture connected with the number 70 is an EYE. The picture connected to the number 6, is a stake, tent-peg.

In this picture we see God showing us that he is connecting America back to his covenant IMG_7786promises by the rainbow, and will defend her against her enemies by the lightning strike. We can rest assured if God is doing this for America he is also doing this for Israel.

So be encouraged though there are battles to face and conflict, many obstacles to seeing God’s covenant established in America and the sheep nations. God is faithful and is empowering a remnant people to see the giants in the land fall and his promises come forth.

This is not going to happen without us being proactive in our faith, and will not be without difficulty. We just need to stand assured in God is faithful and what he has started he will finish. God started a good work in Israel, America and many nations, and he will finish what he started.

Shana Tova,

Rich Darnell


The Voice in the Wind: Walls are coming down!

Life is overtaking death

double shofar

I am sharing a series of events I did not plan in which the Lord began to speak to me to encourage the Body of Christ. I am including a picture in which I am blowing two shofar’s at once.

On Monday July 18, I felt led to try to blow both my shofar’s at the same. I have always had a hard time blowing a shofar. I purchased a Gemsbok from Israel via Amazon in 2013 it smelled like death. I wanted to bury because of the smell but felt I was to restore its sound instead. So I started a process of removing the smell of death. I have been able to remove 95% of the smell of death at this time.

On August 2, 2015 which is the 10th of Av on the Hebrew Calendar; this is the day after the Hebrew spies came out of the promise land, I purchased a Ram’s Horn at Glory of Zion in Corinth, TX. I had James Vincent, one of the worship leaders at Glory Of Zion bless the shofar. After James blessed me I was able to blow the Ram’s Horn from day one.

Today, August 18, 2015, I tried to blow both  simultaneously for the first time. As I had never tried this before I was totally amazed that I was able to blow both shofar’s at the same time with a clear sound.

After I blew it I received this prophetic word, as you read it may it encourage you as we stand in faith knowing that God is working out his plan in our lives along with the nations we are assigned too. That he who began a good work will see it to the end.

Prophetic Word:

I hear the Lord say he is releasing the voice of the wind. A wind that will bring down the walls of Jericho. The walls that had been built upon the sacrifices of aborted babies. I hear the Lord say as I brought down the walls of Jericho according to my plans and in my timing, so will the judicial walls, and that which had built up a defense against my Spirit of Life will be brought down. I am humbling those who oppose me as I raise up those I am calling. And like in the time of Saul when David was hidden I have my David’s, my Esther’s those in whom I have anointed to change the laws in the land.

Only stand and repent of doubting me, repent of unbelief, repent of believing the giants in the land are bigger than me. Know that I have your times of deliverance in my hands and I am moving. I must expose, shake, and remove that which is of the enemy so that what I have destined will come forth into its fullness. You are not be concerned with when and how, but like my son Abraham keep giving me the glory knowing the shaking will expose and bring down the evil structures that have embedded themselves into your souls and the soul of this nation.

Only stand in faith knowing I have heard your cry, and I am moving according to my covenant, and I am moving for my name sake. Know that this will not happen without contention and without sacrifices on your part. So in the midst of the battle you are to offer a sacrifice of praise unto me knowing I will perform my word. I also need you to stand with those in whom I anoint to bring this change. Only do not be offended at whom I have chosen, for some will not fit the mold of what you are looking for in a deliverer.

I did not choose whom you desire, but the ones in whom have allowed my heart to burn within them. The ones in whom are not looking for a platform, or have an agenda. I am raising those in whom their desire is nothing less than to see my Son glorified and my kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven. Do not fret at the evil doers in the land, only know that I am on the throne and I am moving on your behalf.


Rich Darnell | @richdarnell


by Nancy Slocum


423977_3392461419059_2043867463_nThis is a prophetic word that was given to a good friend Nancy Slocum. I met Nancy initially about 7 years ago when she contacted me to purchased an album I had produced. At the beginning of this year the Lord reconnected our paths and we have been part of a group of people seeking God to help shift nations.

Nancy has a passion to see people know the love and power of her risen king. She has a strong prophetic grace and the Lord uses her in art and writing to express his heart. My you too learn to dream again as God is taking the Joseph’s out of prison and placing them in a place of influence.

The Joseph’s are arising and it is your appointed time of favor. If you are reading this I believe the Lord wants you to know that you have not been forgotten, that the dream and vision he placed in your heart is valid and from him. It’s time to DREAM GOD’S BIG DREAM again


Nancy Slocam
Thursday August 13, Holy Spirit woke me up at 3:00 AM on the dot to give me this word
about “God’s Big Dream” and how He created every single person on earth to fit into it
and live it out in their own uniqueness as part of His unified family.

The time has come for My children to come to Me and inquire of Me, the Lord God Almighty. I am your LORD and the ultimate Dream Giver. I sowed My Big Dream for you in your heart before I ever knit you in your mother’s womb.

My eternal dream for you is entwined in the very strands of your DNA, for I set eternity in your heart when I created you. My kingdom is within you and you carry it wherever you go. It is permanently stamped in the memory cells of your DNA.

NOW is the time for My children to wake up to their true identity in Me and from Me. It is time to come back –alive – to My Big Dream of “being” one grand and glorious kingdom family unified in My perfected love. That was and still s My Big Dream, My original intention for all creation. I started a family with Adam and Eve in My garden in the beginning… It would go and grow from there into all the world.

In the beginning My family was very good! It was so pure, very beautiful and full of glory because it was a perfect reflection of Me and crowned with My glory. I created My family for intimate relationship. We walked and talked in perfect unbroken unity. It was all very good until they decided to disobey Me and My good and perfect way of life for them.

This single bad decision opened the door for sin and eventually death to come in and separate them from Me. Our perfect love and unity was defiled, spoiled and shattered. You can read it all  in My creation story in Genesis.

It’s time for all My children, my prized possession, and all of creation to return to Me and come back into My divine order before I send Jesus back to earth to make it all right once again. As it was in the beginning, My people still have a choice to return to Me – or not – until My eternal kingdom finally takes over in the fullness of My time and perfect plan.

The end of the age is soon coming to a close as Jesus’ second coming gets closer. I am stirring the dream in the hearts of people all over the face of the globe. Yes, in every tongue, tribe and nation. That is how big and diverse My beloved family is.

One family. One dream in all of its beauty and diversity, but in unity with Me and My great love. It’s hard for the human brain to fathom and fully comprehend the fullness of My Big Dream. Nevertheless, it’s imprinted and locked away in their DNA and accessed through the heart.

My Big Dream has infinite facets to it that’s translated, reflected, fleshed out and manifested through the infinite range and creative expression of all My people.

Each person is an original masterpiece of My divine handiwork. Each one is individually designed to express their unique personality, gifts, talents, developed skill sets, propensities, desires and so on that I personally invested in them when I created them. Each person is absolutely accepted and loved by Me, God the Father, and also loved by and matters to the whole family of God as well!

It takes each and every one in My family to fully express the ever-expanding vastness of My infinite facets, for I Am that I Am, the Great I Am! This is My Big Dream and it is forever living in you and “being” expressed in and through you. It looks different to each one of you because each one of you is unique, but it’s all a part of Me and My family and is establishing My kingdom rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven.

My kingdom is within you, is now and is to come for all eternity. I am stirring the dream within you. I’m waking you up to ever greater dimensions of it. I am healing you and opening your eyes to know the truth that will make you free to fulfill My Big Dream within you.

Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. I will refresh, re-fire and refuel you to keep going and growing in Me and My plan and purposes for you. I am always with you and for you by My Holy Spirit.

Do not be afraid and do not worry! It’s not too late to LIVE THE DREAM! If you want to know what it is, what it looks like and how to live it out, then come to Me! I am your source and your ultimate DREAM GIVER.

Inquire of Me. I will surely show it to you and empower you to fulfill it step by step. It’s all about relationship and being one with Me and My family! It’s an ongoing intimate forever walk and talk with Me.

Just enjoy “being family” with Me. It’s greater than anything you can now think, dream or imagine! Stick with Me! This eternal journey is out of this world and it is very good! I love you and created you TO BE fully present and a magnificent part of My glorious family!

Forever you Abba Father and Dream Giver.

Love in Christ,

Nancy Slocum

“A pen in God’s hand giving LOVE a voice”