How not to buy into failure with new revolutionary thinking?

I do not know about you, but I desire to live a better life. I do not want to remain in the same place, doing the same thing, with the same results. If you are reading this, then I believe you are like me. That you are on a journey of self-improvement. In my personal walk, I have failed many times. The good news is that I have learned some things from my mistakes along the way. Insights that I would like to share with you that I know will help you on your journey.


In your journey of improvement, you may have read 100 self-help books and been to so many conferences, webinars or teleseminars; that it has started to make you feel hopeless. I too can relate because have I have been down this same road.

In the process of self-improvement, I bought many different resources and saw very little sustainable success. I believe it was because I bought into failure. I felt like a failure and bought products in the hope of finding success, finding the key that would turn my situation around.

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Helping you to understand freedom in today’s world.

The Sound of Freedom

FREEDOM, this word alone is a bold statement and is the deepest pursuit of all that have been born. The pursuit of ‘FREE TO BE ME’ has become the slogan in America for generations now, and as a result many nations in the world. While there are many kinds of freedom there is one that I see the most and I believe is global, transiting all cultures is the pursuit of financial freedom.


Financial freedom, the ability to have the resources to provide for yourself and family. With those with a greater vision it can be for a community, or even nation in which they live or desire to help. To keep it simple can we say that we are looking for provision, the resources to live life and make a change either personally or nationally.

Why is it that something that everyone is in hot pursuit of seems to evade so many, and to others it is not a noble cause but deemed evil. Yet the cycle of life tells us that the pursuit of resources is an inward drive that we all have. Yes, we need to prioritize this drive in the light of a proper perspective. We are not to pursue resources at the sacrifice of relationships and at the expense of the earth’s resources.

Before we can truly understand freedom, I believe we must first have an understanding of freedom based on the original intent, not how our cultures have defined it. Freedom to me is a force that can produce good or evil, and when it is an radical concept it can be dangerous Therefore we need a good foundation based on truth, not just what we think is good or evil. Remember just because our desire to do something is good, does not mean our method is.

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How to overcome betrayal and benefit from it.

Have you ever been hurt by someone close that you trusted? I am not talking about a miscommunication or squabble though they hurt and have to be worked through. What I am talking about is a betrayal.


The definition of betrayal is this:

expose (one’s country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy:

The root word is the Latin word tradere and can mean ‘hand over.’

Has this ever happened to you when someone a sibling, spouse, or friend, maybe even a child joined sides with the enemy? I believe most of us have! We have been turned over in a hurtful intentional way. That is a betrayal to me.

We are in a world that everyone will experience the pain of betrayal sometime in their life; unfortunately that is a given. So while many of us would love to avoid, deny, or run from the pain of betrayal we can not. We must face it and learn how to overcome and deal with it. Like Goliath betrayal tries to speak in such a way as to incapacitate us from being who we were created to be.

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Breaking through to Break out!

Hope overcomes lies!

Dear friends,


Cris and I are praying for you in this time of what looks like great conflict and contradiction. I have a saying that the lord never promised a rose without thorns, joy without pain, nor victory without a fight.

While we are in trying times the good news is that we have the living God of Hope dwelling within us. The Father has sent us Holy Spirit and we have not been left as orphans to be slaughtered but are called as sons and daughters to arise and shine with solution in crisis.

I am including some articles that we believe will help you in your journey. For the Lord is calling us to align in a battle formation, a battle of light vs darkness. The last time I looked darkness never removes light, light reveals hidden things and removes darkness.

We are seeing many hidden agendas coming to light, in such a way that it looks like darkness is prevailing. I differ it is all the people like yourself worshiping and praying releasing light into the earth. There are more born again, worshipping, praying believers than in any other time in history. We are not weak, unless we agree with Satan’s lies.

There is a great onslaught of lies being launched against believers right now, you can see this is an illustration in the book of revelation when the dragon releases waters out of its mouth to drown the woman, which I believe is the bride of Christ.

But God had a plan, and it was the earth that helped by opening up. The solution was in the earth not in the heavens. I believe God is opening up great revelation in this hour on how we can advance in the earth to overcome the words or lies of Satan.

Rev. 12:15 And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.

These waters coming out of Satan’s mouth are the lies trying to take away our hope and paralyze us so that we become victims to things we think we cannot control. That we are helpless and powerless to change what we are facing. That God has predestined us to be slaughtered by the Anti-Christ.

That our great hope is to escape the Anti-Christ instead of rising up in the power of the Christ who dwells within us, the hope of glory who is greater than the lies of Satan in the world. I am not trying to engage in end time theology but to challenge a paradigm that is opposite of truth.

What disempowers a person is when they believe a lie is true. This belief will cause an agreement with the powers of darkness and cause hopelessness and despair to overtake a believer. We are not powerless nor hopeless. Our hope is not in one day when, but in an ever-present risen king who is here right now to help us.

This does not mean that there will not be conflicts, nor that people will not give their lives for the cause of Christ. It means that we are not victims of Satan waiting to be rescued. Instead we are sons and daughters called to arise and engage society not go and hide.

Be encouraged as Cris and I are here to pray with you and to assist in giving you hope and sharing our part in empowering you to engage society. Together we can see light overtake darkness and the Kingdom of god advance. We can see nations come under the glory of God and manifest his desire for them, not Satan’s plans of oppression and corruption.

Be encouraged in the hope within you and us!


Rich and Cris Darnell

What is the 7 mountain mandate?

Understanding how to engage culture!

With so much going in the world, there are two positions one can take. We can be proactive and engage society to see change, or we can bury our heads in the sand showing our view-point of how we think. Things will never change by showing our backsides.


I am reminded of a joke that goes something like this. A man is sitting on a fence and Satan comes to him and says you must come with me. The man tells Satan that he is aware of who he is and will not go with him. Then Jesus shows up and says come with me. The man then tells Jesus that he is not yet ready. Satan then returns and says you have no choice but to come with me. The man says I have free will and get to choose, and I do not choose you. Satan then tells the man this. You do not understand I own the fence.

We are either proactive or inactive, there is no grey area in this. While many may understand and believe this as true our belief system will also shape how we are proactive. Many believers may think that the call of their life is to forsake all, meaning any engagement in the world to just follow Jesus. That we are not to be concerned with government, the arts, or education as it has no eternal value.

Jesus never taught us to escape the world but how not bring the Kingdom of God into the earth. When Jesus taught on how to pray one of his points was to pray the will of the Father on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:9-13). Even when Jesus prayed in the Gospel of John he asked the Father not to take the disciples out of the world but to empower them to go into the world, but not act like the world (John 17:11-18).

Over the last several years the Lord has been trumpeting a message of reformation through many of his servants. That we have a call not to escape the world but to be proactive. That we are to advance the kingdom of God which is greater than the message of salvation. In many circles this message has become a mandate called the 7 mountain message.

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Are you a Watchman or Watch Dog?

Breaking the Orphan cycle!

In today’s world it said to say that we have many who are still wounded, many do not even know that they are wounded. All because of lack of fathers, or fathers and mothers who may have tried their best but were wounded themselves. This wounding of the soul set a pattern in place that has left the residue of an orphan imprinted upon all most everyone born today. The only ones who do not have the imprint of an orphan spirit are those who have come to freedom  in Christ, and even among these most are still dealing with measures of healing still.


The one place that is suppose to be destined as a safe-house and model to overcome the orphan spirit, has produced in my experience more orphans than an orphanage. This safe house or model is to be the true Church of Jesus Christ, and I am not talking about the Mormon Church either. While the Church has led many to Christ, it has in many cases just traded one prison cell for a larger cell and called it freedom. It has taken the orphans from a small cell and placed them in a larger compound. While there is more freedom in the larger compound, the person is still imprisoned by the walls of the orphan spirit.

In the absence of fathers in the ministry instead of producing sons and daughters, instead many orphans have been birthed and are clamoring to find their voice. This is so evident with social media today that has become a venue where the voice of the orphan is so easily seen. The orphans have instead of engaging in and overcoming have befriended pictures and a computer to find emotional validation. Displaying a spirit of competition instead of complementation. Competing to find their voice.

Note I said competing; to compete implies a trying to lift oneself above another. Is that not how orphans act striving to get what they perceive scraps at the table. Because a sense of abandonment and rejection, an inward neediness for affirmation and affection, an orphan will compete to get the attention of whomever will hear them.

compete |kəmˈpēt|

verb [ no obj. ]

strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same: ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin competere, in its late sense ‘strive or contend for (something),’ from com- ‘together’ + petere ‘aim at, seek.’

Competition will arise when a lack of an inward identity has been established through nurturing and godly council. The orphan lacks identity because they are not rooted in being a son or daughter, one who is accepted for who they are and not what they do. This is how the orphan spirit begins to take root and ingrains itself in our psyche.We find a void in our lives and try to fill it by doing something, instead of being someone.

Does a dog have to do something to be a dog? Or how about a horse, does it have to do something to be a horse? NO, they are what they are created to be. But the environment in which they are raised will affect their psyche and the way they respond to situations. A dog or horse raised in a loving environment will respond in a happy, go lucky kind of way. Even when they do something wrong and understand that they made a mistake, they will not fully run away from their master. Instead they will normally wait to receive the admonishment and then go on about their business.

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Back to Hope

Seeing hope through covenant!

In today’s world we are facing many crisis in our personal, community and even global communities. Many voices are ringing out saying I am the way. We place our hope in what looks like it may bring peace only to see our hopes crushed by the choices of others.

You can build a bridge of hope (1)

Have you ever felt this way? Crushed, discouraged, without a vision of the future? Many can probably answer yes to this question. Many have even made choices to make a change in the midst of what seemed hopelessness and see a positive change.

The circles that I travel in many are looking for the hope in Christ Jesus return. While this is a true viewpoint to know and understand what we see is temporal and the return of Christ will be the final answer we are looking for, this mentality can be a breeding ground for hope deferred.

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Business Prayer for Prosperity

Father I thank you and praise you for you have called me to be fruitful and to multiply in my life and in the conduct of my business. I ask you Father to bless me and my business and to expand the borders of my territory, that your hand will be with me wherever I go.


I ask you Father that you will allow no harm to come to me and my business. That your peace will lead and guide me at all times. I declare that I will grow in favor with you and my customers and vendors.That your favor encompasses myself and my business as a shield.

I thank you Father that you delight in the abundance of  the prosperity of my life and business. I thank you that you will guide me in the path of righteousness for your name sake. I pray for the welfare of all the people, families and business in my assigned territory. For in its welfare I will find welfare.

I ask that you help me to conduct myself and my business with all wisdom with my customers and vendors, making the most of every opportunity. Let my words be seasoned with your grace so that I will know how to respond to each person with grace and power. I pray that your kingdom will come into my life and the operations of my business. That it will be in my life and the operations of my business as it is in heaven on earth.

In the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach I declare these things so in heaven and on earth. Amen

Are you feeling frustrated? God is calling you out!

Moving into the New Pt. 1

I know so many whom are frustrated, striving for breakthrough and doing all they know to try to enter into the grace of God for their lives. To frustrate basically can mean to feel blocked, hindered and unfulfilled in life.


Do you feel hindered in life?

Do you feel like there is a greater purpose in life?

Do you love serving God yet feel empty in your service?

These are just a few indicators that God may be calling you into something other than what you thought. You were not created for a pay check, to live by daily manna, and just to survive life. Many believers in Christ have become enslaved to a religious system that binds them to serving a mans vision or building, a ministry, and not the Kingdom of God. This is causing great frustration within many believers.

This frustration has made many feel condemned, thinking that they are not following God. That they must die to self to serve God and their own desires. While we are to die to selfish ambition, this does not mean we are to die to our inner most desires. God created every person with a desire to express the life of Christ in a unique and different way. God celebrates diversity while region demands conformity and frowns on diversity.

I believe if you are reading this article that you are one of the frustrated saints, ones who love God yet are not satisfied with the way you are serving the Lord currently. That there is something deep in you calling you that you cannot define. I believe you are part of what I will call a Noahadic generation. See Noah was called by God to build an ark, something that had never been built before. He was also called to build it for an outpouring of rain that was coming, a judgment against the demonic forces that had overtaken the earth. An event that could not be explained by past history.

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Are You Loyal unto Death or Life?

Letting go to move with God!

We are taught so much about loyalty and covenant in our walks with Christ with many view points of what that looks like. Covenant is about commitment and the boundaries of that commitment. Because of the various opinions this can make it confusing sometimes for many. There are so many that have no commitment, that go to and fro just seeking to be self-satisfied. To be fed and feel good in what they call serving the Lord.


They do not pick up their cross and follow Jesus but instead pick up their forks and go house to house looking to be content doing what they feel is right in their own hearts. If you are reading this I do not believe you are this kind of person but one who is really trying to be loyal and committed to Jesus, yet are feeling torn and not knowing why.

If you are one of these people who are not committed, the good news is you can repent and get right with God. Being Born Again does not mean that how you live is right in God’s eyes, that is what I mean by getting right with God. A believers lifestyle is one where we are always repenting, meaning we are constantly changing the way we think and act to align with what God says is right, not what we want to be right.

I want to address a virtue that I believe Satan uses to oppress many of God’s people and that is loyalty. Many are loyal and faithful servants who have made a commitment to serve where they are but yet in this season God is saying let go and go to where I will show you. Abram when called by God was not told where he was going to go, he just had to go.

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